For the last couple of years, Gian Luca La Tragna has been passionate to share his artistic styles, paintings, designs and exhibitions.


The young artist from Cologne (Germany) works with many different techniques and shapes within abstract art. He is fascinated by discovering new way of expressing his emotion through fine art. His artistic root started in painting, then he expended his repertoire further afield.


He is active in graphic design, design and photography of urban minimalism. All his works are created according to his raw feeling within the moment of inspiration.


Gian Luca La Tragna was born in Cologne in 1995. During his secondary school, he passed the A-Level with the main subject in Art. The following years, he built an atelier to freely create his works. In May 2019, he and his associate founded the 1000freund Gallery, a pop-up gallery that supports local artists and offers exhibition opportunities.


He is contently and busy with his cause: creating something new.


"It inspires me to share my work with others and to learn from different artists. Nevertheless, I want to show my own style!"